Using Facebook & Instagram Ads for Your Business!

Using Facebook & Instagram Ads for Your Business!

Hello, Hello & Happy Friday!! On this week’s Small Biz Friday we’re going to talk about running Facebook and Instagram advertisements! I’m excited to talk about this because it has prompted me to learn more about the topics as well! If you’re on Facebook or Instagram you probably see sponsored posts, or advertisements, on your feeds and I’m going to talk to y’all today about why to use them, some of their features, and what I found helpful after completing my first Ad that will hopefully help you with yours!

Why to Use Facebook and Instagram Ads:

Well this one is probably pretty obvious, but we should all use them because what better way is there to market your business?! Social media is one of the quickest and cheapest forms of advertisements we could possibly use! When I began writing this blog I wanted some numbers so I found an article with Facebook statistics that really stood out! (See the article by Zephoria here!)

  1. More than 1.23 billion people log onto Facebook daily.
  2. There are 5 new Facebook profiles built every second.
  3. On Thursdays and Fridays, engagement is 18% higher.


And here are some Instagram statistics! (Find more from Brandwatch here!)

  1. There are 400 million active Instagram Users.
  2. There are over 3.5 billion “likes” per day on Instagram.
  3. Engagement with brands on Instagram is 10 times higher than on Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter.

So why should you use ads on Facebook and Instagram? Clearly there are A LOT of users, with their numbers only continuing to increase, that you can reach way easier than you could with a newspaper ad or a billboard! Bonus: There are statistics and studies such as those listed above that make it easier for you to find the perfect time to promote your business!

Features of Facebook and Instagram Ads:

  1. You can select what type of advertising campaign you would like to run. Choose if your goal is to get page likes, clicks to your website, generate engagement (on a post, website, or app), or offer claims, sales, or coupons.
  1. One of my favorites, you can select your budget! If you have something you really want people to see or you want to step up your followers by a large number, you can put some serious money into a campaign! Not only do you get to select the amount per day, but you are allowed to pick the number of days. For my first “test run” I did $2 a day for 4 days. Of course my reach (number of people my ad would get out to) was smaller than if I would have selected $200 a day, but to get the feel of creating these ads it is nice to have this option! – You can also set up a lifetime budget, meaning if you want to spend $35 a month on advertising every month you can do that too!
  1. Selecting an audience is an awesome option they offer as well! I’m not talking about one or two really broad options, it’s actually a little frightening how detailed you can get with it (ok, I might be being a little dramatic..). If you only want to target newly engaged users, you can! If you want to target people only using mobile devices, you can! If you want to target people interested in chocolate covered pretzels, you can! (For real, I searched that exactly and it is an option!) – Basically anything in terms of age, education, ethnicity, work/career, interests, location, and behavior (mobile vs. desktop, iOS devices, mobile vs. tablet, etc.) you can manipulate to target the exact audience you want. How cool right?!


What I Found Helpful and How I Can Help You:

While I created my own campaign I had a few objectives; a small budget, to learn the basics of creating a Facebook/Instagram ad, and to make note of how to improve my Facebook/Instagram ad game (I’m saying game because it seemed less silly than “ad skills”, although as I’m typing this I’m having second thoughts on both hmm..) – I succeeded with the first two objectives and below are my notes on what I’ll change. Hopefully they help you!

  1. Create a more specific target market. The ad I created was for my blog,Girl Meets GAMEDAY, which is heavily focused on sports. I was relieved when the detailed targeting section had suggestions for me, but even though they are detailed suggestions, I was too broad. For example, I included a variety of options related to football, baseball, basketball, softball, and college sports and used a generic image from my blog. Next time I run an ad I think I will include an image focused on one of those areas, say a picture promoting Opening Day, and then make all of my detailed suggestions related to baseball.
  1. Understand the money to reach ratio better. Don’t get me wrong I understand how reach works and that limiting myself to a smaller budget was not the way to get 150 new likes on my blogs page, but I didn’t link the budget to the target market section very well. If you have a small budget that will reach a smaller amount of people, it is best to use very specific demographics and interests for the detailed suggestions portion. If you have a small budget (which means small reach), and you are trying to target 30 areas that aren’t directly correlated it spreads your ad pretty thin.If you invest a larger amount of money, you have a better shot of reaching a wide array of interests and people engaging with you. Although I think the more detailed approach in a few specific areas is the best way to gain the audience you want no matter what your budget is because that way your ad is reaching exactly who you want it to reach.
  1. Play around on Ads Manager. You can get through the entire planning of your ad without paying until the very end, why not play around to get comfortable with it? It would take me a lot longer post than this to include all the options and dos and don’ts of Facebook and Instagram ads, but you can hop online and play around yourself in far less time than reading a really long post!I encourage y’all to login to Facebook and go to the “Explore” section either on the left side of your homepage on a desktop/laptop, or on your menu tab on your mobile device (three bar icon in the bottom right of your screen), and then select Ads Manager to play around.

Hopefully these tips are all helpful and you’ve enjoyed this week’s Small Biz Friday post!

Talk to y’all soon! – Kendra

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