This Oyster is my World… Meet Our Little Pearl.

This Oyster is my World…  Meet Our Little Pearl.

Well, since we were last on the blog our lives have dramatically changed. We have gone from a two person home to a three person home. We have gone from going to coffee runs to diaper runs. And I have embraced the art of being a Mompreneaur.
I call it an art because it truly is. I’m learning how to meet with clients in between feedings, how to function with less than four hours of sleep and learning how just leaving the house to go to the office requires a full hour. It’s an art my friends and to be honest it is not one I have mastered yet.
I have shown up late to a shoot (luckily the photographer was running behind schedule) due to a diaper blow out that covered my entire outfit. I have met with a client with two wet dots on my shirt because I didn’t realize I needed to wear pads (those of you who breastfeed know what I am talking about). And I find myself always forgetting to grab something on the way out of the house…like diapers. Oy vey!
We are three weeks in now from bringing our sweet Pearl home from the hospital and I have taught one Christmas Ink + Floral Workshop, collaborated in two photoshoots in one weekend, moved to a larger office and acquired new clients for 2017. I went into motherhood with the mentality that I wasn’t going to put our lives on hold or slow down when we added on to our family. I was wrong. It wasn’t about slowing down or putting our lives on hold; It was about focusing on what matters. Looking back, it has been a whirlwind.
Whirlwinds always have this negative connotation. That is a misconception. I heard a speaker once say that the great thing about whirlwinds is that they uproot what was already dead. Truth, my friends! With less time to spare on work (I am a bit of a recovering work alcoholic), I really had to cut out the dead parts of my business. Things that sucked my energy, time and joy. I’m learning to focus on areas that I want to grow and succeed in, as well as, areas that are already doing well. I’ve learned to lean on my incredible interns, wedding vendor community and my handsome business partner for the things I need. I honestly feel more focused, inspired and excited about work than ever before. Hallelujah!
So get ready 2017! We have some new business ventures that are going to be revealed in the upcoming months. In the meantime, I leave you with my heart completely exposed and a picture of my Pearl. I love this girl. She has become my world. I wake up thinking about her. I love the way she smiles, her grunts and even her toots. I am a goner for her!  And I have found a new appreciation for having a job that allows me to soak up the most precious moments with her.  World meet Pearl.  (A big thanks to Jessica White from Love Tree Studios for gifting us with this picture.)

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    This is perfect and I love your honesty! Being a ‘mompreneur’ is definitely an art and not something people talk about these days. You are rocking it girl and I’m so proud to call you my friend 🙂

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    Maren Fleer

    You are superwoman! I’m consistently blown away with your ability to be everywhere at once! I’m thankful to know you, Jon Marc and now baby Pearl! xoxo -M

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    As we read all the writing between tears and laughter imagining our oldest daughter, Christy, Jon Marc and precious granddaughter Pearl, 👶I can only imagine all that is going on. So proud of both of you and wishing day by day that we closer😪. You do such an amazing job as a mom and dad and to be able to continue to work on your business, it is just amazing. Love you to the moon and back. Give 🤗 hugs and kisses 😘 to my Pearl girl as I called her. Love Granny D and Grandmapa J.

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