Thinking Outside the Tradition: Trendy Styles to Wear Besides A Veil

By: Olivia Bleeker

Throughout my time as a wedding attendee, so many brides whose weddings I’ve attended have chosen to stick to tradition and wear a veil. Now, to defend the tradition, there are many ways to style a veil differently, whether it’s through different lengths, styles, or amount of lace and such.

Yet, I’ve chatted with a few friends who have been absolutely freaking out about the fact that they don’t want to wear a veil at their wedding. But, guess what? The best part about your wedding is that the key word is that it’s yours. You can do whatever you want and curate the wedding to perfectly fit your style. So, do whatever you want and ensure that you’re not worrying about “rules” instead of what will make your wedding perfectly you.

I personally think that there are so many different routes to take in terms of styles. So, without further ado, I would love to share some of my favorite styles that take the place of traditional veils.

For the Traditional Bride

The first option is one of the most classic. If you are a bride who wants to stay traditional and classy, my pick for you is an elegant up-do with loose wisps of hair accenting the ‘do, as well as a gorgeous hairpin. My recommendation is BHLDN’s Dewey Vines Hairpin. Not only does the hairpin accentuate the up-do, but it also adds a perfect touch of elegance to your hair without too much glitz and glamour that would detract from your dress or makeup.

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The next option speaks to the bohemian bride. This headpiece is the perfect adornment for the girl who imagines getting married with flowers around her and bare feet. Not only is this headpiece intricately designed, but also there are also elegant crystals placed inside of it. After wearing a similar style of headpiece before, I can say from experience that these headpieces usually stay on well in case you’re worried about it flying off as you’re getting ready to hit the dance floor at your reception. Check it out on Etsy HERE.


For the Lace – Loving Bride

If you absolutely love how beautiful lace is and still want to incorporate it into your look on the big day, consider wearing a bit of lace in your hair as opposed to an entire veil. There are so many different options when it comes to this trend, but one of my favorite ways to do this is to wear a lace headband. This way, it will keep your hair pulled back a bit from your face so that you don’t have to worry about random pieces of hair flying into your face during the ceremony. This headband also has the capability of attaching to the veil, just in case you’re not sold on ditching the veil for your wedding day look!


For the Earthy Bride

If you want to incorporate a lot of elements of nature into your wedding, whether that translates into the entire theme, or to little succulent wedding favors, or in whatever other way you chose, I have the perfect suggestion for you. Eucalyptus! Not only can it perfectly blend in and incorporate well into different themes and colors, but it also is a stunning look! If eucalyptus isn’t typically your style, then you can always head to a local florist who will be able to create a flower crown of your style and using the colors of your wedding theme. I personally am obsessed with this specific crown on Etsy!

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