“Good apple pies are a considerable part of our domestic happiness” ~Jane Austen

oh pie
Peggy Jean’s Pies! Oh My!

We crash A LOT of weddings….and we eat a lot of cake.  But pie, now that takes the cake!  We recently crashed a wedding in Columbia, Missouri that featured the infamous Peggy Jean’s Pies.  Let’s just say we made room for seconds and thirds.  Pie Heaven!

We recently sat down the owners, a mother-daughter duo, Rebecca Miller and Jeanne Plumley, Their roots are in the heart of the midwest, but don’t be surprises if they achieve “world pie domination.”

They opened their sweet shop almost three years ago, but the story of Peggy Jean’s Pies goes way back. The original Peggy Jean’s Pies started in 1994 and was owned by two best friends, (You guessed it Peggy and Jeanne!)  It quickly became a staple in COMO (what Columbia natives call their town).  After many successful years of running a restaurant together, Peggy became very ill and Jeanne was forced to close shop.  What many people don’t know is that Jeanne stayed right by her friend to the very end.  Jeanne moved in with Peggy to care for her.  (Retelling this story makes me cry! I think movies should be made about this kind of love.  It’s much better than Thelma and Louise).

Years later, Rebecca and her mother decided to reopen Peggy Jean’s Pies.  It’s three years going strong and very much an act of love everyday.  A love for making pies.  (Check out how many they make!) A love for serving others. (Donating any pies that don’t sell to The Ronald McDonald House) A love for one another and the memory of Jeanne.

To be honest, any time my hubby and I have a huge disagreement.  We buy some pie, grab some milk and talk it out.  We can’t leave the table until the problem is resolved or the pie is eaten.  They both are miraculously gone by the end of then night.  We highly recommend this practice to all married couples! 🙂

On a separate note, we are excited to announce….That we loved the duo so much and their incredible pies that we have asked them to join us in creating the Pen and Pie Society hosted at Poppy’s in Downtown Columbia.  We will be debuting the Pen and Pie Society this fall.  Anyone who has taken one of classes are invited back to participate in a happy pie hour we discuss over love for pie and answer all follow-up questions about your pen point art!

You can find me stuffing my face with pie that night! I’m eating for two!


Christy Asper aka Midwest Wedding Crasher and lover of all things pie




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