Small Biz Friday: Reasons for Branding

Small Biz Friday: Reasons for Branding

by Kendra Holaday

Happy Friday friends! Last week we covered some basic SEO tips to drive traffic to your website. This week, we’re going to talk about one of the ways to keep people coming to your site. Branding.

I think branding is a term we’ve all heard and we all put a lot of emphasis on when it comes to our businesses and/or blogs. When I think of branding I think it is easier to understand if you think about yourself and your personal brand. If I think of my personal brand, I think of how I want to represent myself and how I want others to view me. Personal branding is important when applying for jobs and the message you want to send to a possible new employer. Our actions consistently influence our brand (image) and the way people view our brand. Essentially isn’t that what small businesses are doing when they market? Promoting and advertising (applying) their business and products (skill set) to their audience of potential buyers (person/people hiring you)?


A brand is not only seen on our website, but has become the driving force of social media. Many people get their first impressions from social media before they ever meet an individual or company. Having a brand that is visually representative throughout your social media posts is crucial.  If you have multiple social media accounts the key is branding consistency. You might have an amazing LinkedIn profile, but what if somebody looks you up on Facebook first? Make sure that all facets of your social media accounts are on point with your brand.

If you have a logo, or recurring image, for your business (and I’m guessing you do!), it probably includes things that represent you and your business. There is a reason you picked what you did for your business logo or primary image. This is a key piece of your brand, and it is probably used in multiple locations for you on your website, marketing materials, and business cards. I would guess that most of you have more than just your logo as a staple for your business as well. You might have a slogan, certain colors, or a theme throughout your website, office, and other important materials tied to your business. This should carry over to your social media, as well.

Through my research on starting a blog, marketing, and small businesses I’ve found that a lot of times the brand of a business gets lost between the website and the social media accounts.This was something I learned through my own blog. I began using the colors red, white, and black on my website, but on my Instagram I use mostly black, white, and gold. It wasn’t planned, but it happened. I made a few adjustments to create that consistency.  It was the simple step of incorporating more gold on my website and some more red on my Instagram. There is no need to delete all of your posts or start completely over, simply make a few changes and move forward.

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Why is this uniformity important? You want people to recognize your business and your brand each time they see it. New customers, or just people interested in your business, might find you by searching the Internet, from Instagram advertisements, posts being shared on Facebook, or simply word of mouth. Show off all areas of your business, but do so while still connecting each of your social media accounts to each other. The more people see the name of your business and your work, the more familiar they become with it.

From the business owner and social media manager point of view, having a brand that covers everything from logo to email templates to Facebook images makes decisions on what to post much simpler! It may seem silly, or of low importance, but if you’re making a image for a special or sale you are running wouldn’t it make your job easier if you knew you had to use red, grey, and black as your colors instead of any color in the world? Or maybe instead of a color theme you have two or three fonts you use on all marketing material. Suddenly you just have to decide if you want cursive or all capitol letters. Again, time saver!  I know all of y’all entrepreneurs (or mompreneurs!) could use all the extra time you can get!
In the coming weeks be on the lookout for a new Small Biz Friday post about the value of social media, so stay tuned!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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