Save-the-Dates: Top 10 Reasons Why It’s A Modern Day MUST

Save-the-Dates: Top 10 Reasons Why It’s A Modern Day MUST

As a stationery nerd, I think any paper product adds joy to a wedding day. However, I do understand the need to save money, so I wanted to address the question most bides ask, “Are Save-the-Dates necessary?”. Yes! For a modern day bride I think they are a must! Here are my top 10 reasons why:

  1. Get your wedding on you everyone’s calendar: Let’s face it…we live in a busy day and age. People plan months in advance for things to fit in their busy schedules. Brides are often disappointed when people they love have already committed to a vacation, another wedding or really any other event that conflicts with their date. Save yourself the heartache and let the people know in advance.
  2. If you’re having a destination or holiday wedding: People need time to save money and make plans to get there. Most people also need to request time off in advance. Be considerate to your guests.
  3. Show-off those engagement pictures: To be honest, we loved our engagement pictures more than our wedding pictures. They were in a natural setting and showed the real us. How else are you going to share those great pictures to friends and family?
  4. He put a ring on it: This is a perfect way to announce your engagement in a classy way. No facebook selfies, please.
  5. Prevents you from overspending on invitations: Every bride who has already done their save-the-dates prior to purchasing their invitations have told me that ordered way to many save-the-dates than were needed. It’s much cheaper to over spend on a save-the-date than it on an invitation, especially ones that letterpress or foil.
  6. Incorrect addresses: Your college friend moved and failed to tell you. Better to know now than to find out a couple of weeks before your wedding.
  7. Brand your wedding: Now is the time to create a theme and let it permeate your wedding from beginning to end. At The Ink Cafe, we call this branding your wedding with paper products. Save-the-Dates and other paper goods are included in the design fee to assure that all aspects of your wedding have a cohesive look.
  8. Communicate: It’s the perfect way to communicate important information such as a wedding website or app where guests can find out more details including your registry.
  9. Secure your date: Many of your friends may get engaged around the same time, with weddings typically all being around the same months- secure your date with advance notice.
  10. It’s fun! Expect to get phone calls, text messages and social media comments as people receive them

So what are you waiting for…start sending those Save-the-Dates. And don’t forget every design package at The Ink Cafe comes with every piece of wedding stationery that you need- from Save-the-Dates to menus and programs. Let us help brand your big day!


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