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Cotton Paperie

Cotton Paperie prints the old-fashioned way, using high quality antique cast iron presses, 100% cotton papers, and smooth inks.

What is letterpress?

Whereas embossed lettering is raised off the page, letterpress font is debossed — pressed — into the page using inked raised plates. This creates subtle, beautiful lettering and embellishments. Foil can be used instead of ink for an eye-catching sheen.

How Much Does Letterpress cost?

An upfront cost is required to create the plates, and then a large number of prints can be made affordably. Additional ink colors or foils require additional plates. The preparation of small plates begin at around $125. Prices vary by design, but this should provide a baseline estimate (or you may request a quote with the form to the right).

Paper Thickness

Cotton Paperie offers 1-ply (110lb), 2-ply (220lb), and 4-ply (440lb) cotton papers. We recommend 2-ply as the best value (2-ply is roughly $0.60 per invitation; 4-ply has a $180 fee plus $1.35 per invitation).

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