FLOURISH: Perfectly Imperfect

FLOURISH: Perfectly Imperfect

Guys…I’m a hot mess.  (That’s something we say in the South. Mostly, when we looking anything less than perfect.)

By now, may of you guys know I grew up in a military family.  That means your shoes are shined and your clothes are always ironed.  You also never leave the house a mess or your bed unmade.

Not to mention, I grew up in the South.  Growing up in Texas you learn valuable lessons of being a lady.  You are always dressed to impress, even to go workout.  You never leave the house without your face on and your hair done.

Having a baby business and a real baby that is almost one (where does the time go???) makes “having it all together” dang near impossible.  I am either working, caring for my family or sleeping (which is limited, I might add.)

This fall, I have found my myself increasingly frustrated.  I either leave the house a mess, or I look like a mess or I am behind on a project.  I can’t remember the last time I was able to go shopping or get a real workout in.

It really hit me when I met with a group of older ladies for a bible study.  I was two weeks late to sign up, I was late in the study for that day and I looked pretty rough.  I could feel the judgement as I sat down.  It’s all in my head of course, but it always feels so real.

I tried so hard to get there on time.  I missed working out.  I tried to get ready in between spurts of our little miss being extra clingy.  I was still late, and I felt like such a failure!

What is this “perfect” life that we are all trying to showcase? The best mom? The best wife? The best creative? The best boss?  I’m tired just thinking about it, and I’m just not doing it ANYMORE!  I want more out of life, and ‘perfect’ steals that joy.

I am happy to report that my bible study went well this week.  I still dressed imperfectly and showed up late, but you know what… I am going to continue to walk my life out as perfectly imperfect as I am, so that I can live my life to the fullest.

Sometimes that means that I arrive late because I want my daughter to feel comforted as I am dropping her off to childcare or in workout clothes because I do not want to miss out on a workout just to look put together in front of people who will not be there when I am healthy enough to play with my grand babies.  My goal is simply to live my life as perfectly imperfect as I can.  Maybe it will be a breath of fresh air to new mom or a new entrepreneur? And hopefully a new friend?

A lot of it too is changing my mindset from ‘who can serve me?’ to ‘who can I serve today?’ in all my mess.

My hope is that you are FLOURISHING today in all this mess we call life.

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