One Step Closer. Home Sweet Home.

One Step Closer. Home Sweet Home.

Today we are one step closer.  One step closer to fostering.  One step closer to adopting.  One step closer to God’s plan for our lives.  We have been hustling this last year in half to be able to establish our business so that we can move one step closer.  This weekend we closed on our house.

How does this move us one step closer?  Our home has three bedrooms.  One master. One nursery.  And one foster room.  It seems surreal.  We never planned to be homeowners in this season of life.  Jon Marc is in school and I am trying to startup a business.  We aren’t your normal homeowners. To be honest, I’m not even sure how it all happened.  It feels like a miracle, almost supernatural.  On paper, we shouldn’t even own a home and signing on the dotted line is scary as all get out!

Every step of the way has been scary.  Moving to Columbia.  Starting a Ph.D. program. Starting a business. Having a baby. Owning a home.  Somehow, we have pushed passed the fear to move forward.

And in the process we have learned one thing, we have to risk it all to gain it all.  SO cheers to becoming one step closer to God’s dreams and owning a home!  If you find yourself in Columbia, come stay with us… we always have room for one more.



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