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I’m the person you call when The Fixer Upper has left your home…

When we crashed the Townsend/Sweet Wedding, we absolutely were falling out of our seats with how gorgeous the reception looked.  We found the women behind the final touches and we want to introduce our dear friend, Jana Gebhardt from Studio J.

Jana told us that the entire wedding decor was a DIY project put on by the bride and mother of the bride and she was just their to make sure that all the details were executed. The family already had a vision and she just made it happen, but the bride’s mother shares a different story.

The bride and mother both said that Jana helped their dreams become a reality.  They would hand her projects that they had worked on such as the Sparklers Table and ask Jana to arrange it in such a way that made it stand out, With the inspiration of their Kate Spade Wedding, black and white stripes,  this home stylist took their wedding to the next level.

Jana shares that she does not intend to be a wedding decorator or planner.  Her heart and soul is in being a Home Interior Designer. She wants people to fall in love with their homse again. .She explains, “My niche is to redo what people already have and make something new again, especially downsizing clients. What’s meaningful? What’s sentimental? Pulling that out of them what is truly their style and creating a that space that feels like home and gives them a big hug.”

The wedding was a  new thing and she loved doing it for her dear friend Michelle.  Jana took care of the details for the big day and even came the night before to iron out all the tables toppers that were wrinkled.  Jana is not only talented, but a sweet friend that any bride would love to have on her team.

This once engineer spends a lot of time now styling homes, styling the interior of Plume and hosting craft classes there. She loves to show people how you don’t have to be an artist to have fun. She told us that some people have never even used a glue gun.  (That should be a crime!)

Look out for her classes through Plume that are listed Inside Columbia under Christmas Crafts in their holiday magazine issue.  We can’t wait to take a class from sweet Jana soon so that we can use that German Gold Glitter in our next batch of invitations!

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