Midwest Wedding Crashers chat with Byler Media

We believe the heart of every wedding we crash are the incredible people that make it come together.  This week we sat and visited with Byler Media who were the most amazing videographers behind the Townsend/Sweet Wedding.

What we loved about Byler Media is that they are husband and wife team that make the memories last a life time.  From the slow walk down isle to the first dance, Byler Media will take you back every time you watch.

They believe in using only the best of the best equipment.  The equipment used for shooting the Townsend/Sweet Wedding were professional 4K cameras and dedicated microphones. 4K cameras capture the clearest and most crisp pictures that truly capture this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Not only do they video weddings, but they also provide clients with a free Wedding Websites.  Who does that?  When we went to find The Townsend/Sweet website we found a beautiful webpage with a unique web address that was hand picked by the couple and will be live for one year from creation. After their wedding day, it changed to a “thank you” page with links to their photos and videos.

We really loved catching up with this Husband and Wife team!  They are hard workers, love their craft, and love their brides even more.  Thanks Byler for letting us highlight your crazy skills!

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