Meet Our New Team of Bloggers

Meet Our New Team of Bloggers

We’ve had such a fun year so far and it’s only February, friends!  Our team is ramping it up this semester and they are excited to take over the blog next week with the things that they are most passionate about it. Meet our two faves, Kendra Holaday and Olivia Bleeker.  Kendra is a Mizzou graduate and has a wealth of knowledge in thinking out of the box to help businesses succeed. From newsletters to networking to SEO, Kendra is ready to share everything you need to know to help you grow as an entrepreneur on her blog, Small Biz Fridays.  Olivia is a life + style blogger and fashion major at Mizzou.  Olivia is eager to share how fashion trends on the runway directly affect the wedding and stationery industry on her blog, Trending Tuesday.

men's stationery, business tips Hey y’all, I’m Kendra! After living in small town USA my whole life, I moved to Columbia to get my undergraduate degree from Mizzou in Hospitality Management. (M-I-Z!) I’m an avid sports fan (Go Cards!), social media obsessed, Starbucks addict, and a forever lover of all things Kate Spade! Stick around long enough and you’ll hear tons of stories about my family, my latest shopping trip, or where I want to go on vacation next! I’ve been blessed to gain experience over the years in event planning, sport management, and social media usage, all areas I enjoy more than I ever thought I could! Before we get to the Q&A here’s a random fact about me: I’d rather have fruit than chocolate!

What is your favorite food? Can my answer just be carbs..? Pasta, cheese fries, breadsticks, you name it! – Above all those though would be queso!

Colbert vs. Fallon? Jimmy Fallon, not even close!

What would your perfect rainy day look like? Reading under a blanket is always a hit with me! Rainy days make me want to nap, but when I get tired of napping I’d be grabbing a book (or my iPad with a book on it) and read away! I’ve also recently started a blog, Girl Meets GAMEDAY, so I’d probably be spending a few hours working on new posts or my social media accounts. No matter which path I choose, there will for sure be a coffee in hand!

Gold vs Silver: GOLD!! Maybe it’s my love for Mizzou coming out, or maybe it’s my belief that all my favorite colors look better with gold, I’m not sure, but gold 100%!

In a former life I was..? Hmm, maybe a personal shopper or stylist in LA or NYC. I REALLY like to shop.. Some might say I have an obsession.. I just think retail therapy is the best therapy. 🙂

What’s your favorite travel destination? I recently went to Cozumel and it was paradise! I’m 110% sure I belong somewhere near an ocean with warm weather.

Talking on the phone vs emailing? Email. I’ll call you, but you can bet I’m nervous on the other end. No matter how much I do it, I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable with it. Blame it on being a millennial..

What’s your favorite social media app? I think I’d go with Instagram as my all around favorite. If I have spare time, you’ll find me scrolling through my Instagram!

Scandal vs Grey’s Anatomy? Scandal!! Confession: I have a dress coat that I call my Olivia Pope coat. Ugh, what I’d to have her wardrobe!

What’s your dream job? Event planner for a professional sports team. I’m talking World Series parties, charity galas, all the fancy stuff. It combines two of my biggest passions, sports and event planning! Who knows, maybe one day!

What are your career aspirations? My dream job isn’t too far from my career goals honestly. Luckily for me, my emphasis areas within my degree cover both sport management and event planning (Yay for picking the right major!!). – I want to work in the sports industry and, even though I’m a graduate, I’m still trying to figure out if I want to go the event planning path or working within student-athlete development for a college athletics program. For the near future, I’m heading off to grad school in the fall and have a little more time to figure out which path I want to go down! So far I’ve loved everything I’ve done in sports AND with event planning, so either way I don’t think I can go wrong!


Fashionista, blogger, stationery trends Hey friends! My name is Olivia and I’m a    student from St. Louis, MO. I am a junior at the University of Missouri studying International Apparel Marketing and Merchandising. Additionally, I’m minoring in Business, Spanish, and Entrepreneurship because if it isn’t obvious enough, my interests are a little all over the place! In my free time, you’ll find me writing for my blog, planning my next international trip, shopping the sale racks at Anthropologie, or trying to learn a new recipe. Whatever I’m doing, you’ll never find me without a coffee in hand (my go-to is a vanilla latte when it’s cold out and an iced caramel macchiato when it’s hot out!).

What is your favorite food? Tacos all the way. Pretty much any Mexican food though makes my heart happy! J

Colbert vs. Fallon? Is this even a question? I even have my notifications set to where if Jimmy Fallon posts something, I know about it right away, haha!

 What would your perfect rainy day look like? My perfect rainy day would definitely consist of lots of reading, working on my life + style blog, A Drop in the Ocean, and cooking. This school year, I’ve been practicing lots of new recipes and attempting to become a better cook so I’d definitely be spending some of my rainy day trying a new dish. A good portion of my day would most likely be spent on Google Flights, though, since I’m always looking for cheap flights to anywhere!

Gold vs. Silver? Gold! I always used to only pick silver, but wow I am so obsessed with gold in all forms. Whether it’s home décor, jewelry, or metallic gold shoes, I am thoroughly obsessed with the color.

 Who is Your Style Motto from the Past? Frida Kahlo 100%. Her style, strength and overall persona is something that I absolutely admire and want to resemble in my own life.

What’s Your Favorite Travel Destination? After living in Spain for six months last year, I’m inclined to say Spain, but I’m also thoroughly obsessed with Istanbul, Turkey, and Copenhagen, Denmark, so as long as I’m given a new place to explore, I’ll be happy!

Talking on the phone vs. Emailing? Definitely talking on the phone! There’s just something to be said for hearing a person’s voice on the phone and being able to laugh and talk together! If I ever need a fast response, calling is my go-to, since it’s more likely the person will respond quicker.

What’s your favorite social media app? Hands down Instagram. I love the fact that in a split second, you can see a person’s or a company’s personal brand and get an instantaneous visualization of what they’re all about. While we are on the topic, find me on IG at @oliviableeker J

Scandal vs. Grey’s? Always Scandal. I mean, Shonda Rhimes is like 100% my home girl and can’t create a bad show, but I would have to say, Olivia Pope is just goals. From her feisty personality to her killer wardrobe, all I can say is that I’m happy to share a first name with her! J

What’s your dream job? I would love to work internationally in the marketing department for a fashion company, for example at ZARA’s headquarters in Spain! Or, I would love to work with artisans in developing countries and help them develop business skills and a business plan!

What are your career goals? First and foremost, I want to finally get to the point where I can consider myself fluent in Spanish. I’m almost there, just not quite yet. Additionally, I would love to get to the place with my personal blog where it allows me to travel all over the world because of the blog.


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