Lights! Camera! Action! The Midwest Wedding Crashers crash their first wedding.

Lights! Camera! Action! The Midwest Wedding Crashers crash their first wedding.

Can I just say that I am stuffed from our Thanksgiving gorging and will probably be too comatose to even go Black Friday shopping, but for those of you who are fighting the crowds and waiting in long lines…We have a treat for you!  The Midwest Wedding Crashers have arrived and we can’t wait to share with you our very first wedding crash.  It was amazing to say the least and we wish you could have been there to crash it with us.

We drove 465 miles to get to this wedding and it was well worth the drive.  It’s time for the world to know that the midwest has some of the coolest couples exchanging their vows.  The wedding took place in Norman, Oklahoma.  Wait! I know you what you guys are thinking… this isn’t the Midwest.  We disagree!  When you have lived in the east coast and you have lived in the west coast and you have lived in the south, one quickly realizes that Oklahoma can only be categorized as the Midwest. Or maybe it’s worthy of it’s own geographical location, but for us, Norman is the last stop before you hit the south.  So we begin our sweet story here.

Meet our happy couple Laura and Kenah!  Apparently, this couple met at church, were friends forever and already had crazy adventures around the world before they fell in love.  (Insert sigh, day dream and smile). Little did we know that not only were we arriving to a wedding, but we were arriving to an extravagant feast of friends, family, co-workers, church goers and (cough) wedding crashers.  There had to have been at least 300 people as we pulled into the sea of cars.  Perfect, we thought!  It’s mush easier to crash big weddings, right? I’m with the groom.  I’m with the bride. Who ever really knows?!

We quickly found a seat near the back next to another couple as I secretly took a TON of pictures (which turned out like crap, by the way).  Pictures posted on this blog come directly from the phenomenal photographer, Michelle Leach, with Magnolia Adams Photography.

It was approximately 5:30 in the afternoon and the sun was beginning to set.  The couple had decided on an outside wedding and words cannot describe the beauty of it.  But I’m going to try to do it anyway…  Remember that scene from ‘Robin Hood Prince of Thieves’ where they are getting married in the forest.  It was a little like that, but ten times better! There’s something super special and magical about outdoor weddings.  The site was at a residential home that was transformed into a gorgeous outdoor venue.  There had to have been a massive amount of legwork to basically create a romantic garden with a rustic arch and horses decorating the pasture. I am just going to share the pictures because my words aren’t really giving it justice.








Brides take note…this wedding had the cutest ideas!  Their ring bearers (they had three I believe) shot bubbles into the air and the most precious flower girls (two I believe) were pulled in a red wagon. Adorable!  The bridesmaids were all dressed in pink, which makes me believe that it’s the bride’s favorite color, but honestly the pink brought in an element of classic elegance to the big day.

My favorite part is when the bride walks down the aisle.  It’s like an instant tear jerker.  My husband just laughs that it doesn’t even take two seconds for those tears to start rolling.  What gets me is not just the bride.  I mean she is absolutely gorgeous and the dress is stunning.  I love and I mean LOVE looking at the groom’s face when he first sees his bride. You can see the joy, pride and genuine love in a man’s eyes.  This wedding was no different and, of course, I cried.  Take a peek at the bride and groom together.  Who wouldn’t cry?

Those who know this couple well call them humble, generous and extremely welcoming. I call them crazy fashionable.  I want that dress! And a man in a bow tie is just down right classy.  As much as I love the dress, I couldn’t stop staring at the flowers.  The colors popped, the greenery was a beautiful accent and I was ready to catch that bouquet, ladies.  I may be married, but I know good flowers when I see them.  (Well done Heather Hayes @EverythingBeautiful.  Your greenery rocked!)

Then…the first kiss.  Tears ensue!  Dang it, it’s not even an hour into the wedding and my makeup is all over the place.  And my husband is laughing.

The guests are asked to make their way to the reception area on the property while the MR. and MRS. take their pics.  I didn’t have a single complaint about that!  I was starving and so was the hubs.  We drove 465 with very few stops.  We may have been speeding.  We make small talk with a few couples and eagerly make our way to the reception area.  Oh man, my stomach was happy!  There is this thing in Oklahoma called “Food Trucks”.  Okay… you may have them in your big cities, but can I just say that Okies make food trucks a culinary art. They didn’t have just one food truck, they had TWO and I could not tell who was happier, the newlyweds or my husband and I.  We had never been at a wedding with an actual food truck present and we almost knocked people over to get in line.  @BigTruckTacos and @BackdoorBBQ thank you for making our night!

We grabbed our food with little thought as to where we were going to sit.  When we turned around the tables were full and we had no idea where to go.  You know that dreadful feeling on the first day of school in Junior High and the lunch bell rings.  You go through the lunch line, you grab your food and then you desperately look for a friend or the least intimidating table to sit at. That was us in a nut shell.  We looked around and finally spotted a table, head that way only to have another couple swoop in and take it over.  Seats taken!  Okay fine.  We decided plan B was to go look at the cake with plates in hand.  I am glad we did!  Maybe I was just hungry, but the dessert table looked so good.  A little bit of vintage, a little bit of greenery and a lot of cake… Yes, please!  If you are thinking of an outdoor wedding, you should really consider recreating the scene below.  It was so cute I almost didn’t get dessert.  Don’t worry though, we got plenty of tasty treats.  Our stomachs won that round!



We decided to be bold and approach a table with several people.  Why not?  It worked!  We soon started up a conversation and we were in. The rest of the night was quite a blur.  We drank, we danced, we met people. Did we mention that there was a band?  We love bands!  It didn’t take us long to hit the dance floor and get the party started.  My husband does a mean belly roll and every time he shares it with the world, I fall in love all over again.




The evening ended with an amazing firework display.  I don’t mean sparklers or black jacks.  I mean real fireworks.  The kind that they do over the forth of July. Seriously, who does that?  What a treat!  We caught the happy couple enjoying the night with a sense of wonder and expectation of new adventures.  We pray that their dreams, expectations and hopes are met with absolute joy and fulfillment.

And you may be asking yourself… Did we get caught?  Well, perhaps.  We will let you be the judge!  Happy Black Friday everyone!  Make sure to check us out on Small Business Saturday.  (

Getting Caught!


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