Jumping For Joy [and Jumpsuits]

by Olivia Bleeker

If you haven’t noticed, jumpsuits have been slowly making their way back into popularity in the fashion world. Like all good fashion trends, this trend has been trickling down into the wedding industry slowly but surely. Now, jumpsuits seem to grace some of the most stylish wedding parties, and are only predicted to continue to rise in popularity. Consider these advantages of bringing this trend to your bridal party. Not only will these be pieces that your bridesmaids will want to wear again on multitudes of other occasions, but it will also allow your bridesmaids to do so.  Two of our favorite local shops carry some fantastic options, Breeze Bridal and Prom Boutique and Belle Mariée Bridal Boutique.

This first jumpsuit is from BHLDN, Anthropologie’s wedding website! Not only does the website have a multitude of other styles, but they also feature a wide array of colors that will be able to work with a large variety of wedding color schemes! This is an especially chic pick because while the pants are perfectly fitted to the body, it also pulls the off the shoulder trend into the wedding party in a flowy, bohemian chic way! Not only that, but it is currently on a major sale that is worth checking out. Three cheers for the Mila Jumpsuit!


A traditional take on the jumpsuit trend is a wide leg garment, in case you’re not completely sold on the bold jumpsuit trend. This way, from a wide variety of angles, this looks just like a dress when standing! This jumpsuit by Keepsake comes with a wide sash to ensure a fitted, accentuated waistline. Not only is this the perfect look for bridesmaids, it’s also a great option for the bride’s shower, rehearsal dinner, or even the ceremony itself.


Finally, the third option is a more budget friendly look if you are trying to stay within a certain price point for your bridesmaids. Coming in at about $34, this jumpsuit by Oh my Love for ASOS is the perfect juxtaposition of a trendy style and a conservative wedding budget. Not only does this jumpsuit perfectly highlight the feminine shape, it also brings a current fashion trend to the bridesmaid dress; an embellished choker neckline. Since choker necks are all the rage right now, this is the perfect way to bring one of the most trendy styles into your wedding to show off the latest styles.


With that, I hope you’ve seen several different ways that you or your bridal party can rock the jumpsuit trend for your upcoming wedding! There are so many unique takes on wedding styles that correlate with the fashion industry to culminate in an extremely stylish wedding. Not only will you or your bridesmaids be able to maintain a flowy, feminine look, you won’t have to sacrifice your best dance moves in fear of your dress flying up while doing the Cupid Shuffle or Cha Cha Slide!

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