Home-brewed Websites

Home-brewed Websites

Why Have a Wedding Website?

A good wedding website can make a huge difference in ensuring that your wedding season is enjoyable. A guest can go to the website to RSVP, leave you a note, browse your photo gallery, hear your story, learn about your wedding party, find directions and instructions and more.

We will design your website to match your invitations or any other theme you prefer. This is a great touch to give your wedding guests a beautiful and consistent experience.

Wedding websites are often a good investment. We offer wedding websites for as little as $200; most couples save more than that amount in what they would have spent on return envelopes and stamps for paper RSVPs in their invitation suites. Using a website to handle RSVPs can also help you manage your guest list with less time and headaches. We will provide you with a weekly Excel spreadsheet updating you on who has responded and/or email updates for each RSVP.

Our custom website was one of the best decisions of our own wedding, and we are happy to offer the same service to you!