FLOURISH: What I learned from Chip and Jo

These last two weeks have been a whirlwind.  I don’t use that phrase lightly.  I was taught many years ago to embrace these moments and realize the necessary regrowth that occurs when things are uprooted, shaken up and replanted.

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We embarked on a week long stationery tour after the fourth of July.  SO for all you non-nerds out there…stationery (with an ‘e’ not an ‘a’) involves paper products and home good items such as tea towels and signage. We visited shops throughout the midwest and south to hear from paper and product lovers.  As many of you know, we are crazy enough to start our own production line this year and we wanted to see if there really was space in the stationery world for what we have dreamed up.  Without going into too much detail, I am happy to report that what God has laid on our hearts is bigger than ourselves and there is more than enough room for us. (Sign if relief and a whole lot of Hallelujahs.)

Our final stop on our stationery tour was this lovely place called Magnolia Market. Maybe you have heard of it?  The Silos? Chip and Jo?  The Fixer Upper?  Oh…so you have.

I can honestly say that it was the most eye opening part of our tour and I am still trying to process everything that we encountered.  However, there were five key things that I walked away from after visiting Magnolia.  Things that I guess you could say I learned from the people behind the product, Chip and Jo, that plan to implement in our own product line adventure.

1. Do all things with Excellence/Go the Extra Mile.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Go ahead and run the extra mile, it’s less crowded there.”? Okay, I made that up, but it is true.  In today’s busy world, everyone is hustling to get from one place to the next that they rarely slow down to go the extra mile for someone or something.  I have started adopting this motto about doing all things with excellence (not perfection because that will steal your joy, but excellence).  I walked around Magnolia and everything they did went the extra mile. Everything was excellent.  When you walk into Market, they have staff their to greet you and direct you.  On sunny days they provide beautiful white umbrellas for you to walk with as shade.  Lines are covered with shade and fans are blowing for your comfort.  Even their bakery was outstanding before you even take your first bite.  Each bakery item is written out on calligraphy on a fine cotton paper. Even the packaging that they put their baked goods in says I care.  They even include a thank you note from Chip and Jo.  Let me tell you something, this level of service is unheard of nowadays.  Call it hospitality, call it customer service. I call it the kingdom perspective.  Doing things with excellence means that we believe in a God of excellence. Christians should be going out their and making the best movies, songs, products out there because the one we serve is Perfect. I can go on for days about this.

2. Do good work that matters.

I will be honest, there has been plenty of work that I have done that mattered very little to me.  The end result was bad work.  Chip and Jo have added value to the work.  They are rebuilding and pouring into the community that they love, Waco.  They were doing that before the show, before they got big.  Their hearts were all in and that is why they have seen success.  It’s really had me thinking about the ways my paper goods can have an impact.

3. Celebrate others.

Man, I felt right at home when I entered Magnolia Market. It was like they thought about me as they were building that place. From the seating to the flow of traffic to their most hospitable staff that works relentlessly on those hot Texas days.  It felt a little bit like going to Disney World.  Everyone was so happy to see me.  It felt good.  I want our customers to feel that way.  That we honor them.  That we are thankful for them.  Celebrating others is my favorite!

4. When things fail (and they will) trust God.

Ain’t that the truth. As soon as you think things are going great, things fall apart.  Have faith in those moments.  Chip and Jo persisted in building Magnolia Homes even as the housing market crashed.  They could have given up, walked away and never looked back, but they persisted.  Do not get me wrong, there are times when you have to walk away, but there are times that you have to trust God that the breakthrough is right around the corner.  It’s not a matter if I will fail; it is a matter of when and being prepared in that moment to trust God.

5. Take ownership of things, but be coachable.

As I have gotten older, I have realized that I have had to eat more humble pie than I would like to admit. In my teens, I thought I knew it all.  As I get older, I feel like everyday I know less and less everyday. Although that maybe due to some lack of sleep, there is this sense of reality that I am clueless about being a parent, an owner of a business and a wife.  I use to hate correction.  Now I really am embracing it.  I want to take ownership over what I have done. I want to grow from my mistakes.  I want to be approachable and learn.  I only have one life to live and I want to do it well.  Magnolia has not grown over night.  It took years of trial and error. Owning things and learning from them.  It is a true testament of what hard work and a teachable spirit can do.

I leave with a few pictures of our tour.  Enjoy!  And we hope you join us next time.  Share with us your current whirlwinds and what you are learning from them.


Christy, Jon Marc and Pearl

A special thanks to my little sister who made this possible.


If you are not from the great state of Texas, you may not know this hidden gem.  The czech shop is a must on your way to Waco.  They are well known for their Kolaches.

What a dreamy pop-up shop?!  Magnolia Market has a ton of food trucks to also enjoy from.

Prayer room for the staff.  What a very neat concept!


Looking down at the Silos from the rooftop. Impressive!


Our first stop was the Magnolia Bakery.  Did you know they arrive at 3AM to start baking and that at the end of the day they give away all of the leftover cupcakes. Fresh batches are made daily.  People wrap around the building and stand in line to buy some of their delicious items.  They provided shade and fans for those waiting in line and gave you a menu list to choose from before you even got to the counter.  They think of everything.  Jon Marc said it was his favorite ride!  How I love this man!

When your cupcake signage is on point.  Not only do I love calligraphy, but this was the moment that I realized Chip and Jo’s pursuit of excellence in all that they do.


Magnolia Market at it’s finest on a Friday morning.  People were arriving by the bus load.


The typography on this is so well done. I had to snap a picture!


Event night for the locals at The Silos.  We were lucky to go because my sister works there.  She also bought my little love this outfit.  She’s so stinkin’ cute and a trooper for being up so late.  She was so sick the day before, but man this little one got it together to see her Auntie.


There is simply something about every display that makes you feel as though you are at home.


Oh my goodness, this is me in a nutshell.  Hard to explain how much this made me happy.


Hubs and Pearl having a blast. She just learned how to clap.  She seems to be a big fan of Magnolia Homes. Aren’t we all?!


I just loved their signage through out the store.  I have to admit that their eye for detail is what sets them apart.


Probably my favorite part of the market.  I’m a sucker for dude products and amazing typography. Check out the sign!


Here is a sneak peak at the Magnolia Market when no one is in it, but workers.  If you ever go in during working hours, this place is packed!


The hubs hamming it up, again. Pearl just fuels his fire. Ha!


Could Jo be the better Martha Stewart?  I think so.


This was one of my favorite local artists that are in the market’s display.  One thing I realized pretty early on is Chip and Jo’s heart for Waco and the people who live there.  Buying local is the key to sustaining, growing and giving back to the community in which you live. (And oh my gosh…these signs.  I want them all over home! Great job, Jimmy Don Signs.)


The view from above of the Magnolia Market.  It was our sneak peak the night before we went during open hours.  What they have created from so little is truly amazing to me.


And that’s a wrap! (Ps. Cuddles are my favorite.)

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