FLOURISH: Not On My Watch.

This blog is a tough one to write.  I write about things I care about it.  I write about things that I am passionate about.  I write to get inspired.  I write to inspire.  I write to FLOURISH.

This particular post is one that takes me way back.  Most of you just know bits and pieces of who I am today.  Let me paint you a picture.  My first doll was black. I was the kid that read that Malcolm X story in elementary school and saw him as a hero.  In the 80s, I wanted Jesse Jackson to win Presidency.  I went to an all women’s college who was progressively feminist.  I have been a vegetarian since I turned 21.

Most people back then would have considered me far left.  The idea of defending others, fighting against injustice has never changed.  If anything it has grown more intense since I turned 21.  (I’m 37 now.)  I’m more of a fighter than I was back then. Let me explain.

I found Jesus in rehab  (Yep, rehab.  That story is for another day and it’s not as dramatic as one would like to imagine.) and I became even more radical.  God LOVES people.  He hates EVIL.  And there are a countless scriptures that command us to love one another, to defend the weak and to consider others’ lives more valuable than our own.

So, when I see white supremacy groups say that they are on God’s mission, when I see them carrying a bible, when they use scripture to lure people into living a life that is far from the example of Jesus…I get…well…riled up.

If you are not a Christian, do not believe the garbage that they are spewing out there.  That they love Jesus.  That they are Christian.  They are not.  That is not what being like Christ is. That is the complete opposite of what the bible believes.

I will be honest.  The hubs and I don’t watch much TV.  We have only lived in Missouri for two years.  We were a bit taken aback by the fact that there was even a Black Lives Matter Movement.  Then we watched what happened in Charlottesville in horror.  The divide is real.  The Klan is alive and well.  This should deeply bother all right-thinking Americans and particularly Bible-believing Americans.

WHY?  If we do nothing, we give them permission to hate.  But it is even worse than that.  Jesus is being misrepresented. We should be ambassadors for Jesus, which requires making sure he is represented rightly as loving, humble, and full of grace.  We cannot allow a small, narrow-minded group to represent Jesus and his church as hateful, superior-minded, aggressively militant, and frankly crazy.

Well, not on my watch.  Don’t be silent, fellow Christian.  This isn’t a left thing, right thing.  This is a Jesus thing.

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