FLOURISH: Hurt people hurt people. Loved people love people.


It was Sunday morning at a church in Des Moines when I heard the following words.  “Hurt people hurt people and loved people love people.”  No truer words could have been spoken to my heart.  It was like a light bulb moment.

As many of you know, I own a little business that I love. I love encouraging other businesses and the people behind them. I know how hard you have to work to start a business and keep it running.  I truly believe in the idea of collaborating with other businesses and cheering them on.  In fact, my business consultant is always threatening me, “Are you building their business or yours?”  (Insert sigh.)  And although he has my best interest at heart, I know that cheering people on is the heart of God, so I just keep doing it.

The same is true in my personal life.  I love encouraging my husband. My favorite thing to do is support a friend.  I love supporting our church in any way I can.  Spending time with family and making them feel like a priority is a passion of mine.  The more of a cheerleader I am, the better I feel about life in general.

But what happens when someone hurts you in the process?  A friend accuses you of wrong doing.  Your partner takes for granted all of your efforts.  Your family member is not there for you when you need them.  Another business breaks your trusts.  These are all real things.  They leave you hurt and wounded.

Most recently I experienced such a deep wound.  It hit close to home.  I was left for days wondering how I had been so silly to have cheered them on. I was constantly asking myself as to why they would hurt me when all that I wanted to do was see them succeed.  It made me doubt people.  It made me closed off.  And if I can be honest, it made me want to fight back.

Then I heard this message.  Hurt people hurt people.  Loved people love people.

The message came at the most perfect time.  It helped me take a step back.  It helped me see that the one hurting must be hurting.  It made me have sympathy.  It helped me to see that this was bigger than myself, and it allowed grace to settle in.

It also helped me calm my fears. I began thinking that I was a naive individual that needed to guard herself more.  I hate the feeling of being a victim!  The pastor explained that those who put their trust in Jesus know that they are loved and that their worth comes from Him.  It is easy to love others when you know you are loved. It’s easy to cheer people on when you know you are being cheered on.  It does not mean you won’t be rejected, hurt or ignored. Jesus was.  It does mean that you have what it takes to press on.

So I wiped my tears, said a prayer and loved on.  It would be a tragedy to not love because you have been hurt.

We want to hear from you…How do you FLOURISH when someone has hurt you?

Picture provided by a styled shoot with the following vendors:


Photography:  Love Tree Studios
Website:  www.lovetreestudios.com
FB, IG & Twitter: @lovetreestudios

Venue:  Blue Bell Farm
Website: http://bluebellfarm.org/
FB & IG: @bluebellfarmmo

Dress and Suit Store: Belle Mariee
Website: http://www.midmobride.com/
IG & Twitter: @bellemarieecomo

Bridal Gown: Allure Romance
Website: http://www.allurebridals.com/category/romance
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FB & Twitter: @allurebridal

Suit: Jims Formalwear
Website: https://www.jimsformalwear.com/
FB: @jimsformalwearco
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Makeup:  Becky Goodrick – Mary Kay
FB :https://www.facebook.com/goodrick.becky

Stationery:  Christy at The Ink Cafe
Website: http://www.theinkcafe.com/
FB: @theinkcafellc
IG: @theinkcafe

Catering:  Boss Taco
Website: http://boss-taco.com/
FB: @comobosstaco
Twitter: @comobosstacos

Sprouts & Edible Flowers:  LP Urban Farm
Website: http://www.lpurbanfarm.com/
FB, IG, Twitter: @LPUrbanFarm

Florals:  Sugarberry Blooms
Website: https://www.sugarberryblooms.com/
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Ceramics:  Facture Goods
Website: http://www.facturegoods.com/
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Rentals: A1 Rentals
Website: http://a1partyfun.com/
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Decor: Pretty Little Things
Website: http://prettyweddingrentals.com/
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Bride Model: Rachel Slanksly
IG: @rachelmslansky
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Groom Model: Zach Bahner
IG: @zach.bahner
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