FLOURISH: Behind Every Successful Man Is A Great Woman

FLOURISH: Behind Every Successful Man Is A Great Woman

You’ve heard it said, “Behind every successful man is a great woman.”  While I am sure that that is true for many, for me the opposite has been true.  Not to say that I am wildly successful or even where I aspire to be, but I have to admit…this girl boss bit wouldn’t be possible without my better half.

Two weeks ago, we were sitting at a dinner with several boss ladies and their husbands.  I had never met any of their husbands which is surprising because I see their wives all of the time.  The discussion turned to how grateful we are that our husbands are our biggest cheerleaders.  It was almost impossible to ignore how supportive these men are when they are sitting all dressed up to a dinner we probably dragged them to.

On the drive home, I began reflecting on our little business. I started this biz so that my husband could go back to school full-time and I could stay home full-time while we started our own little family which included fostering and adopting.  In my mind, working odd hours was completely worth the sacrifice if I could stay at home with the kiddos.

After having Pearl, I could not be more grateful for having my own business where I can be flexible with my time.  But if I can be completely honest with you, I could not have done anything without my incredibly supportive husband.  I think what started as a business that just helps him go back to school while I stay at home has become a business that I am deeply passionate about and he helps A LOT with.  I am pretty sure that if I went back to work, I would be giving him back hours upon hours to work on his PhD and reduce a TON of stress.

Let me explain…

When we first started the business we did our own printing.  Can I tell you what a nightmare that was?  I mean REALLY awful.  Printing is not my thing, so Jon Marc did it all.  There were times we were up until 2 or 3 in the morning getting projects done. That first year I cried a lot.  We outsource printing now, but that first year we really couldn’t do that.  If Jon Marc had not been willing to help after long hours at school, there is no way we would have kept moving forward.  I am pretty sure I would have closed shop with in the first month.


He also spent an entire summer building a booth like the ones you see at the New York Stationery Show.  I wanted something grand and great to set-up at wedding shows.  That booth is a BEAST.  It’s so heavy.  It basically looks like you are walking into a little shop.  He not only made it, but he carries it EVERY SINGLE TIME we have a show.  Did you know that the first year we had SEVEN shows?  Three of which were in the middle of winter.  His fingers would go numb and his back muscles would ache after each show.  God bless his soul!  (I now want a new booth.  Pray for this poor man. He doesn’t get a break!).


They say that the first thing you should do outsource in your business is bookkeeping.  That was something I took to heart and immediately and  outsourced it to Jon Marc.  He did every single invoice, pricing brackets, and inventory.  We have gotten better about sharing that responsibility and use a better system now, but he continues to be help me with so much of the most important aspects of running this business and making this not just a little hobby I do on the side.


He has also gotten the role of being my sounding board. I bounce ideas, burdens and joys with him.  He’s my rock!  He prays for me often, takes care of Pearl on a whim and gives as much to the business as I do.  I love him.  I am thankful for him. I am privileged to married to such a man of integrity, honor and kindness.

Happy Engagement Day, Love!  You were the best life and business decision I have made, yet. Ha!

To all the hubs out there rocking’ it, we girl bosses are super thankful for you!img_0006



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