Attention Small Business Owners, This is What an Intern Wants From You! 

Attention Small Business Owners, This is What an Intern Wants From You! 

by Kendra Holaday

It’s Friday again y’all! Here on Small Biz Friday I wanted to cover a few things that interns want from an internship! – Why am I qualified to tell you this? Well, because I am an intern! And have been an intern for five different people. I can’t really say I’ve had a bad interning experience, but between myself and my friends I know a thing or two about what interns want and appreciate from employers!

1. To Be Involved

I think a lot of people think of interns as filing paperwork and getting coffee, but that’s not really what potential interns view interns as. Plenty of us have served or expect to serve in the stereotypical intern role, but we want to learn and we want experience we can talk about! You don’t have to hand over your finances to interns, but let them sit in on meetings, serve on committees, or pitch ideas and projects to you. You don’t have to use everything they come up with, but giving them the opportunity to have a voice will mean a lot to an intern.

2. Flexibility

Whether it’s paid or unpaid, 3 hours or 30 hours a week, or what kind of work they’re doing, flexibility is key. Having a set schedule is nice for the business owner and for the employee, I’d even encourage you to set a schedule for them, but be flexible with the hours. If you can afford to do so, let them adjust hours every once in awhile or take a couple days off. – If working outside of the office is an option you’re comfortable with I’d encourage that as an option as well. Chances are your intern is probably balancing two or more other roles and responsibilities, if they can work on your social media from Starbucks at 9pm that might be a better, and more productive, fit for them than in your office at 9am.

3. Wide Range of Experience

Of course most interns will have a certain area or focus, but try to let them branch out of their specific area. Interns are there to help you, to learn, and to gain experience. If you need an intern for social media, maybe let them help, or just observe, a client meeting with you. If they’re a graphic design intern, let them work on a marketing campaign. Obviously if their internship has a certain focus, that should be their main responsibility, but moving out of that specific area is appreciated!

I’d love to talk to y’all about any questions you have regarding interns and internships! Been there, done that! 🙂

Have a great Easter weekend everyone!! – Kendra

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