3 Tips to Save You Time on Social Media

3 Tips to Save You Time on Social Media

Hey y’all! This is one of my favorite weeks of the year, it’s opening week of baseball and the Cardinals started it off with a walk-off win over the Cubs! (Sorry Cubbie fans!) So, if you saw me smiling on the rainy Monday morning here in CoMo it was not because I was excited for work or happy about the weather! – Alright, back to business though! This week I’m going to talk about some methods of organizing and streamlining your social media!

If you have a small business and/or a blog, you likely have more than one social media account that comes along with it. I have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, my blog, plus an email every three-four weeks, and my blog is just a hobby! It’s time consuming when every single day you have to sit and think about what you’re going to post on which outlet, the perfect caption, editing and/or creating the image, and the time of day to publish these posts. As a small business owner I’m sure y’all could be spending time on other things! I have three tips below that will help you erase some of that social media stress!

Tip #1: Schedule Your Posts

Scheduling posts can be done in a variety of ways and no single way is the correct or incorrect way. You have to figure out what works best for you, your business, and your schedule. Finding a social media scheduling app or tool is something that many people do and it helps them tremendously with managing their social media. Two popular programs you can try are Hootsuite and Buffer. These sites allow you to connect multiple social media accounts to them and schedule posts for the short and/or long term. Depending on your business, your goals, and your time, one of these may work better than the other. These programs can be used in different ways as well so really what one is “better” is up to each person’s own opinion and what they are looking to accomplish! – I’d also encourage you to find some apps or programs that help with other parts of the social media puzzle. These may help with planning, or they might help for that last minute “oops I forgot to schedule a post today!” moment. Tag O’ Matic is an app that helps your find similar, popular, hashtags to what you’re already using, and Canva has a mobile app that has similar features to the online program, and is great for quick use. The options are (nearly) endless!

Tip #2: Use A (Separate) Planner

Another way to organize your social media accounts and posts are with planners. I know, I know planners and calendars are used by small business owners for everything! In fact, I’m guessing you’re already trying to write super small and squeeze all kinds of things in those tiny boxes.. but hear me out! I tried using a traditional planner when I started my blog. That planner had classes, work meetings, volunteer events, and everything else in my life in it.. I didn’t like that my social media plans were in there as well. So I found the polka dot weekly calendar and folio by Kate Spade (I wasn’t lying in our intro post about my Kate Spade obsession!) that I am totally in love with! It’s nice because it is just a week at a time, with lots of space to write, AND the side flaps have sticky notes and additional note space on them. I’ve seen similar options at Target if you want to try out a cheaper option first! (P.S. Check the dollar bins, I’ve seen them in there for like $2, what a steal!)

This option works for me, and may work best for you, because I make changes to my social media plan frequently. Focusing on sports, there is always “breaking news” or a big game that seems to change my plans. You all may be in an industry where a new product has been released, an award has been received, or a new employee announcement comes up that would make you adjust your plans as well. It’s easier for me to write down my plan, but not schedule the posts a week, or more, ahead of time. I like being able to write it out and just post myself each day. It’s a little more time consuming, but I like the flexibility. Plus I enjoy writing it out and making my adjustments on paper with arrows, x’s, highlighters, rather than switching schedule dates and times online. Maybe I’m an old soul in that regard..

Tip #3: Interns

Lastly, why not have an intern?! Coming from a girl who has held three internships at one time while in college, I can say students are always looking for them! One bonus for small business owners and a social media internship, is that you can choose to offer flexible hours, which is huge want for college students in search of internships. Another bonus for y’all is that almost all majors a student might have can benefit from having social media experience, which means your pool of potential interns is even bigger. If you need help keeping up with social media accounts, designing graphics, engaging with followers, or researching trends within social media those are all things that an intern could either completely do for you, or you could oversee without actually completing all of the details yourself. They don’t have to have 30+ hours a week, paid $8 an hour, or work for a big name company. Give an intern, in a large or small capacity, a thought!

Happy Friday Everyone!! – Kendra

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